Mirror Sound Book

There’s a special kind of music that comes from an artist working alone, in her own space, with familiar tools.

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Suzanne Ciani operates a synthesizer

The sound seems to come from cohesion—the same person writing the song, playing the parts, mixing the track.
(With help from friends.)

Suzanne Ciani operates a synthesizer

We hear the results of their work but rarely get a glimpse at the process.

Mirror Sound is a book dedicated to that music. To the special sound of self-recording.

Greta Klein plays guitar on a bed

Featuring Sharon Van Etten, Mac DeMarco, Yuka Honda, Bradford Cox, Eleanor Friedberger, Emitt Rhodes, Lætitia Tamko, and many more.

Rory Ferreira at the Soulfolks studio

Mirror Sound

A Look into the People and Processes
Behind Self-Recorded Music

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Spencer Tweedy • Lawrence Azerrad • Photography by Daniel Topete

Foreword by Carrie Brownstein


Copyright © 2020 Spencer Tweedy and Lawrence Azerrad